Azoth 1.04 Released…

It all happened today…

Makc found a small bug with fastmem class (missing return type for fastDeselectMem made mxml compiler complain about it), and also posted HOW TO: Integrate FlashDevelop with Azoth.

Then Mika posted Azoth extension for FlashDevelop….

Return code 10 (warning for no opcodes modified) was causing a small issue. Rather than adding command-line options etc. and start complicating things, we got rid of the return code all together. Warning will still be displayed when necessary, but return code will be 0 (meaning success).

And so, we now have Azoth 1.04 (on the same day we made 1.03 available), and Azoth extension for FlashDevelop. Yay!


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  1. makc3d on

    this is what I call positive feedback.

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