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Azoth 1.04 Released…

It all happened today…

Makc found a small bug with fastmem class (missing return type for fastDeselectMem made mxml compiler complain about it), and also posted HOW TO: Integrate FlashDevelop with Azoth.

Then Mika posted Azoth extension for FlashDevelop….

Return code 10 (warning for no opcodes modified) was causing a small issue. Rather than adding command-line options etc. and start complicating things, we got rid of the return code all together. Warning will still be displayed when necessary, but return code will be 0 (meaning success).

And so, we now have Azoth 1.04 (on the same day we made 1.03 available), and Azoth extension for FlashDevelop. Yay!


Azoth v1.03 is now available!

We have finally found time to release version 1.03 which we had since August 6!

Main new feature is that you now have to use DeselectMem method after selecting the memory ByteArray and you are done with using it, so that your code plays nice with other code that make use of Alchemy (like library SWCs).

(We have also retained old SelectMem method – renamed to fastSelectMem102 -so that you can update old projects that you don’t want to mess with the code that much for some reason).

Azoth 1.03 was first made use of in the real word for ‘Free Online Chromatic Guitar Tuner’ on August 19, 2010, by us obviously as this was before public release of version 1.03.

Thank you.