Azoth 1.02 is here…

This update fixes 2 bugs we have very recently discovered, thanks to quality feedback (read: with sample files) from users.

First one was that Azoth tried to remove certain dead-code patterns in  actionscripts. This was totally unnecessary, took time – especially with long scripts, and rarely caused other problems.

Second bug was related to memory allocation and with long scripts, again, slowed down Azoth.

With version 1.02 Azoth is faster than ever…


5 comments so far

  1. layola on

    hello,I think it’s better way if there have more and more sample
    but now only one…hehe

  2. Rezmason on

    This is a fast tool! It runs quickly and without a hitch under Wine, but because I’m on a Mac I can’t incorporate it into my build process. Is there any chance that you’ll release a Mac version that runs in the Terminal?

    • burakk on

      Thanks for the comment. Unfortunately there’s no chance of a Mac version in the foreseeable future.

  3. makc on

    may 2010? was it realy that long? damn.

    any way, why not pass someone who’s a mac fan your sources under NDA so that (s)he would compile them? since this is console app, porting will not be rocket science.

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